About Us

Welcome to Hypertension Personal Guide.  My name is Sam, I started this website in response to questions that, I have encountered regularly regarding blood pressure and hypertension, as a Registered Nurse.

I wanted to provide a website, where anything and everything about blood pressure and hypertension will be available for whoever needs it.

I have been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years. I have various experiences in all aspects of nursing, including... medical, surgical, pediatrics, mental health, pregnancy care, home and Emergency Care.

I have also managed various specialist clinics... including...  Renal (kidney), Geriatric (elders), Hypertension, Vascular (i.e., Sclerotherapy / Varicose veins and related problems), Surgical, Diabetes...  CLINICS...  working with various medical specialists.

Unfortunately, I have also seen how this bad medical condition ... hypertension... how it has maimed, ruined and destroyed peoples lives...!

While most of the topics on this website has been thoroughly researched... I have also had personal professional experience with some of the topics, issues and articles, and I know what works, and what does not work...

    Our mission is to:

-"Provide a reliable, honest, useful, and up-to-date, pieces of information, to empower, enlighten and educate our website visitor. This pieces of information is provided free of charge.

-Use a regular day-to-day, basic English language to explain sometimes complicated and / or technical medical terms in an informational and educational basis.

-We place more emphasis on natural ways to prevent high blood pressure, like using healthy snacks / meals, vitamins, supplements and natural remedies for hypertension.... for those already diagnosed with hypertension, health information will be provided to aid in the appropriate and adequate management of this silent killer"

All materials provided on this website are provided for informational and  / or educational purposes.

All our website visitors are advised to consult their, qualified medical doctor and / or healthcare professional, before taking any homeopathic, nutritional, dietary, herbal supplements and medication and / or acting on any information provided on Hypertension Personal Guide... Please also see our DISCLAIMER.

If this website, could be of benefit to a lot of people around the world... it would have served its purpose.

Please feel free, to share this website with your friends and others, that may find the contents useful, on your Facebook, twitter and other social media platforms.

Please send us your comments, suggestions and compliments on our Contact Us page.

I wish you good health.

Thank you.