Arginine and Blood Pressure

Arginine and blood pressure control, goes hand in hand.

Arginine is a naturally occurring protein building block, that is useful and essential for the production of Nitric Oxide (NO),  which is very important substance and      neurotransmitter in our bodies.

Topics covered on this page includes.... Arginine and...

  • Blood Pressure
  • Chest Pain
  • Heart Failure 
  • Blood flow enhancement

Arginine, Blood Pressure and Nitric Oxide

L arginine, larginine, arginin are all used interchangeably, they all mean the same thing.

Arginine is used to manufacture Nitric Oxide (NO) in an intricate process. This is  in the presence of a very important enzyme known as Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase  (eNOS)

All these happen in the endothelial lining of the blood vessels.... mainly the arteries. These processes is continuous 24/7... and the process of each manufacture takes only few seconds... from the start to finish...!!!

Nitric Oxide is a neurotransmitter, it is the molecule that signals some important functions in our bodies such as:

  • It inhibits and / or reduces the production of blood clots and strokes (cerebrovascular accidents)
  • It is a neurotransmitter, that ensures a stable equilibrium in the blood          vessels...veins and arteries
  • It improves the arteries ability to dilate (vasodilation), thereby lowering the   blood pressure 
  • Nitric oxide also helps the regular oxygenation of cells
  • It rejuvenates the cells.... with its anti-aging factors.
  • Erectile functions in men... promoting generous amount of blow flow and      vasodilation of the blood vessels ... particularly the arteries... leading to proper penile erection in men.
  • Nitric oxide also reduces and limits the formation of plaque in our arteries
  • Participates in the production of more human energy
  • Help maintain and improve memory and cognitive function.

´╗┐In research published in the American Heart Association of December 2011... titled "Effects of oral L-arginine supplementation on Blood Pressure; a meta-analysis of randomized, double bind, placebo controlled trials"     (-22137067-)

It was concluded that, "this Meta-analysis provide further evidence that oral        l-arginine supplementation significantly lowers both systolic and diastolic BP"

.... Lowers both systolic and diastolic blood pressure""...  this is good news          

Another research published in the Medical Science Monitor May 2010... titled        "Evaluation of the antihypertensive effect of L-arginine supplementation in           patients with mild hypertension assessed with ambulatory blood pressure             monitoring"     (-20424555-)

It was concluded that,  ""the present findings demonstrate a strong association     between l-arginine supplementation and blood pressure reduction.""

Arginine is one of the supplements that lower blood pressure. Most people who has taken this natural supplement says, it is one of the most reliable blood pressure reducers, they have ever taken

Kindly discuss the arginine blood pressure dosage details with your physician

The dosing and dosages vary from person to person. It can vary from   7  -  12 grams (orally)  daily for about four weeks under the close supervision of a physician

Larginine and blood pressure precaution and consideration.

 Blood Pressure, Larginine and Nitric Oxide

If you have high blood pressure (hypertension) it is important to determine which  kind you have.

Knowing which kind, will help you in the planning of your care to determine, what you can and cannot do.

It will also determine, whether the use of Larginine will be of value to you, in the reduction of your blood pressure.

 Larginine and Chest Pain (Angina)

 Arginine help reduce chest pain by improving the blood flow to different parts of heart muscles.

It also improves the circulation, with its unique way of vasodilation... dilating the arteries, and modulating and ensuring stability in the blood vessels.

 Arginine and Heart Failure

Several L-arginine research has supported the health benefits of L-arginine         supplement for heart failure

In a research material published in the Circulation of June 1996... titled

"Randomized, double-bind, placebo-controlled study of supplemental oral          L-arginine in patients with heart failure"

It was concluded that, ""Supplemental oral L-arginine had beneficial effects in      patients with heart failure.  Further studies are needed to confirm the therapeutic potential of supplemental oral L-arginine and to identify mechanisms of action in patients with heart failure""

In another research in the Annals of Pharmacotherapy of June 2001... titled             "L-arginine in the Management of cardiovascular diseases"  (-11408995-)

It was concluded that,  "" L-arginine improves the management of multiple           cardiovascular diseases. However, most published human studies are small. Before therapy can be routinely recommended, larger, well designed studies are required to confirm its effects.""

What are  Arginin side effects.....  

Larginine, Nitric Oxide and Blood Flow Enhancement....

After the Nitric oxide is produced from the arginin,  it impoves the blood flow      because of the relaxation and dilation of the arteries... improving blood flows       through out the cells.

Improved blood flow, rejuvenates the cells, muscles and organs... allowing the body to operate at an optimal levels... reducing and lowering blood pressures to within acceptable medical limits.....


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