CoQ10 and Blood Pressure, the Health Benefits...

CoQ10 and blood pressure... several studies has established that, Coenzyme CoQ10 is naturally occurring, powerful antioxidant in our bodies. It is involved in several chemical activities, which goes on every minute and everyday... of our lives.

It is usually in great abundance at birth, but its level and production reduces as we age. By the age of 20 in some people... the levels will start going down, depending on personal circumstances... like medical history of diabetes, hypertension, smoking ... etc.

It has been documented from studies, that people with heart disease and / or high blood pressure.... has low levels of Coenzyme Co Q10 in their body.

CoQ10 for Blood Pressure

CoQ10 for blood pressure:

It is one of the supplements that lower blood pressure natural way.

Depending on personal circumstance, this coenzyme can reduce the BP as much as regular "prescription only medication(s)"

It is one of the ways to lower blood pressure naturally, without other undesirable / unwanted side effects, which are common with regular blood pressure medications

If you currently have low blood pressure (Hypotension)... DO NOT TAKE CoQ10, because, it may further lower your blood pressure to dangerous levels...!!! Please discuss with your physician.

 Coenzyme Q10 Blood Pressure Dosage

Discuss the full dosage with your qualified physician or healthcare provider. The dosage can vary from 100mg to 200mg or more.... of Ubiquinol 100 mg orally twice daily or as directed by your physician.          

This divided doses, provides good effects and make the medication / supplement last longer in your blood stream / body...

CoQ10 and Blood Pressure - How It Works

 - This powerful antioxidant works inside the blood vessels to help in endothelial function by regulating the blood pressure

 - CoQ10 for lowering blood pressure... by getting rid of free radicals, from the oxidative process,.... which damage the cell membranes, leading to constriction of blood vessel raising the blood pressure, and causing other chronic illnesses and premature aging...

 - It also helps in the normal functioning of the heart, by helping in the energy production in mitochondrial part of the cells... with the generation of energy and recharging of adenosine-triphosphate - ATP and mitochondrial biosynthesis.

- Supplementing with Ubiquinol and / or Coenzyme CoQ10 also help  the body to replenish what is lost through the activities of daily living and avert unnecessary depletion in the levels... and allows your body to function at optimal state.

Coenzyme Q10 and Heart Disease.

 Scientists has proven, that Coenzyme CoQ10 deficiency is found amongst those people with Heart Disease or Failure.

Currently, Coenzyme Q-10 is part of regular treatment for Congestive Heart Failure in Japan, parts of Europe and Russia.

Coenzym Q10 is known to improve the measures of how heart works.... such as cardiac output, stroke volume, ejection fraction....   In the Journal of Cardiac Failure, August 2006... It was concluded that, "CoQ10 enhances systolic function in chronic heart failure, but its effectiveness may be reduced with concomitant use of current standard therapies""

Another research material, that supports the use of Ubiquinol-- was published in BIOFACTORS - Oxford - England in 2008. It says... ""Ubiquinol has dramatically improved the absorption in patients with severe heart failure and the improvement in plasma of CoQ10 levels is correlated with both clinical improvement and improvement of left ventricular function"

As noted above, Ubiquinol is easily absorbed and readily available in the blood stream in comparison to Ubiquinone use...

The bioavailability or how readily it is available in the blood stream, is further enhanced if antioxidant is taken with meals that contain fat or oil. It is a fat soluble antioxidant.

 Coenzyme CoQ10 Dosing for Heart Failure

Dosing varies from person to person. The common dosage is Ubiquinol 100 mg, orally, twice daily.... under the care of your physician.

When the appropriate dosage is taken, the SIDE EFFECTS  are minimal...

Coenzyme CoQ10 - Ubiquinol Precautions...

  • Please note, this supplement that lower blood pressure (BP)... may further lower your BP to dangerous levels, particularly, if you take other anti-hypertensive(s).  Please check your BP regularly and ensure you are under the care of a vigilant physician.
  • Care must be taken, if you take some medication like Warfarin / Coumadin or other anti-platelet or anticoagulant.  CoQ10 has been found to reduce the effectiveness of this class of drugs... increasing the risk of blood clots...
  • If you take Hydralazine, it can further decrease the level of Co Q10 in your blood stream.
  • Diabetics or anyone on anti-diabetic medication like Glyburide, needs to be very careful with Coenzyme Coq10.  It may affect the medication negatively.
  • DO NOT  take it, if you are sensitive or allergic to any of its derivatives.

Alternate Names

  • Q10
  • Ubiquinon
  • Coenzima Q10
  • Coenzym Q10
  • Co Q 10

Among its many benefits with heart disease, Coenzyme Q10 and hypertension... there are other areas, that can be explored by anyone, who wants to use a naturally occurring supplement with little or no side effects and numerous health benefits.


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