What is Hypertension Education?

 Hypertension education is essentially your ability to acquire basic knowledge of understanding of blood pressure, and hypertension and how it affects your entire body.

This education is generally science based, health education and information.... you acquire this informal way of learning... from reading books and articles, watching television or videos, reading food labels with nutrition facts, online information, and getting the information from your doctor or healthcare provider...it is like a puzzle, and putting everything together to make an informed decision, about your health

 Hypertension information and education, does not need to be formal... it is the combination of acquiring the knowledge from day-to-day activities.

Learn at your own pace, and as much as you like, and no one will test your knowledge base, so relax and enjoy the learning process.

Use this health information and education to control, reduce and manage high blood pressure.          

     Understanding Hypertension

There are so many words thrown around, and it is very important for you to know, what they really mean, and how it will impact you.


 Pressure reading

What is Hypertension

Types of hypertension

Pre eclampsia

 With hypertension education, you will also acquire the knowledge, about how the structures and organs are interrelated and how one affects the other.