What is Hypertension Prevalence?

 Hypertension prevalence is the number of cases of people, with this disease in a population at any given time.

Today, at least 1 billion people, 25 years and older, have raised or elevated blood pressure of 140/90 mmHg or over.  This is a general prevalence by age. Mostly, the rise in high blood pressure is gradual and without any symptoms.   It is responsible for so many deaths around the world.

 No exact figures are available, because, some people have it and they do not even know they have it, making the trends, incidence and control very difficult to ascertain.

Meanwhile, it is quietly destroying their organs like kidneys, heart, blood vessels, including  causing erectile dysfunction or impotence... in men, without any  signs or symptoms.

Hypertension Prevalence Around the World

 "The prevalence of Hypertension is highest in Africa (46 % of adults) while the lowest prevalence is found in the Americas (35 % of adults).   Overall, high income countries have a lower prevalence of hypertension (35 % of adults)  than the low-and-middle income groups (40 % of adults)"

Worldwide, this medical condition is creating a lot of havoc and misery

"One in three adults worldwide has raised blood pressure-- a condition that causes, around half, of all deaths from Stroke and Heart disease"... as you can see hypertension prevalence is a major problem all over the world.

 Hypertension must be prevented, if not, must be controlled and properly managed.

 It must be noted that Hypertension Prevention is possible, for anyone who is highly motivated and devoted, and if you have recently been diagnosed.... you can use, the currently available hypertension information to have complete, and proper management using all the necessary natural remedies, to avoid unwanted side effects of medications.

 Sometimes people think they have it under control, and forget about it, only for it to bring out its ugly head with devastating complications.

  On this website, we place more emphasis on prevention and the natural ways to lower blood pressure like :

  • early detection .... get your blood pressure checked on regular basis
  • use of Dash diet  program
  • we encourage avoidance of smoking and the use of tobacco
  • use of low fat, low sodium (salt) diets
  • complete therapeutic lifestyle management
  • maintain an ideal body weight, being overweight or obese poses major threat to our health and exposes us to other illnesses like diabetes mellitus, and heart disease among others.

       Incidence of Hypertension

The incidence of hypertension refers to the chance and the risk of developing high blood pressure.

 This risk increases with   :

  Age :  as one gets older most organs do not function as well as before.

  Family history :  whether any or both of our parents has the disease      (hypertension)       

  The incidence of high blood pressure also increases with :

   Cigarette smoking or tobacco use

   Excessive use of alcohol

   Stress..... personal, work, or emotional


   Obesity.....   body mass index (BMI) greater than 30

 The incidence of hypertension is common among certain groups than others... for instance, hypertension is common amongst those over the age of 60...!!!

Hypertension Prevalence in Africa

"In some African countries, as much as half of the adult population has high blood pressure... most of these people remain undiagnosed"

This is very scary, but as  indicated earlier, if you pay particular attention to your health, you may be able to prevent and control your bp.

It is in your best interest to learn how to accurately check your own blood pressure.
You can buy your own home blood pressure monitor for your family and personal use...

Keep a close watch on this insidious and potentially dangerous medical condition.

      Effects of High Blood Pressure

The effects of high blood pressure, cannot be over emphasized. Raised or elevated blood pressure affects every aspects of the functions of our systemic circulation.

Scientist, doctors and healthcare providers are aware of the dangerous effects of high bp, and the disease can start as early as when the blood pressure is barely or slightly above the normal blood pressure reading of 120/80 mm Hg in some unfortunate individuals.

 Epidemiology of hypertension is the study of how this medical condition occur in different groups of people and the reasons for it.

Studies of hypertension epidemiology, has also pointed out some simple, easy methods, and actions for lowering blood pressure naturally without the use of any drugs and medications.... some of this actions, has saved some lives around the world.

In conclusion, the epidemiology and prevalence of hypertension, help the researchers, policy makers and governments all over the world, to  plan and execute their health care programs for their citizens... even though the trends, control and incidence are uncertain, but anyone can use the knowledge learnt, from the unfortunate deaths, around the world, from this medical condition and plan accordingly  for their own  personal well being.          


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