Hypertension Risk Factors...Modifiable and Non-Modifiable

Hypertension risk factors has two major types:

 Modifiable Hypertension risk factors

Non modifiable Hypertension risk factors

Modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors goes hand in hand, and it is not unusual for an individual  to have the combination of both.

  Modifiable Hypertension Risk Factors

Modifiable Hypertension risk factors  are the things which we have control over, in our activities of daily living.

Simple things in life sometimes makes a big impact.

Worldwide, any sustained, raised or elevated blood pressure, is the leading cause of death. Unfortunately most people with HBP are not aware of this.

Sometimes, someone may have few combinations of modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors for hypertension.

9 Modifiable Hypertension Risk Factors...  and

9 Healthy Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure, that follow each risk factor:

1)    STRESS

When we lose control over situations, then we are under stress. Stress and high blood pressure have disastrous consequences. Learn how to diffuse volatile situations and in the process lower your blood pressure

Learn relaxation techniques and avoid constant and unnecessary stress in your life. Seek professional help  and do not suffer in silence... there is always a solution to a problem... if we look and seek assistance...
Go for a walk, get close to nature, like the lady in the picture above...

2)    Smoking and Hypertension

Smoking tends to raise blood pressure temporarily and increase the heart rate, but prolong smoking causes hypertension.

 Find ways and means to stop smoking and stop chewing tobacco... to reduce the risk of oral cancer

3)    Alcohol and Blood pressure

 A relationship between alcohol and high blood pressure has been scientifically established,  particularly the excessive use of alcohol...!!!

Alcohol intake in moderation is acceptable, but discuss this with your physician or health care provider, who has your full medical history.

If you DO NOT  drink alcohol currently, please do not start.

If you drink regularly, reducing alcohol consumption to acceptable and healthy levels will be very beneficial.

For people with Liver Disease....alcohol is prohibited for your own well-being.

Recommended Acceptable limits:

          Men                                      : Limit to 2 drinks or less per day.

Women and light weight persons   : Limit to one (1) drink or less per day

        Key  :  1 drink = 1/2 oz  or 15 ml ethanol, e.g . 12 oz beer, 5 0z wine , 1.5 oz of distilled spirits or proof whiskey.

 4)   Obesity.

Obesity according to World Health Organization, is Body Mass Index of 30 or more.

Obesity is a medical condition, with the abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.

Obesity is one of the modifiable risk factor of hypertension that must be avoided if at all possible.

Extra weight put extra work and pressure on the heart to work harder and under difficult situation

World health Organization confirms that, 1.4 billion adults were overweight in 2008 and more than 500 million were OBESE....  you bet that figure has increased today ... in March 2014...!!!

Work closely with your physician to develop a personalized, safest and best weight loss plan, taking into cognizance your personal and family history. Remember, this may be a lifelong lifestyle modifications.

 5)    Diabetes and Hypertension

Effective management of hypertension in diabetics is very important.

People with diabetes develop elevated blood pressure, partly because of the effect of diabetes on the endothelium of the blood vessels, particularly the arteries.

Diabetes makes arteries less pliable and elastic, which may lead to endothelial dysfunction, increasing the workload for the heart to pump blood more forcefully around the body.

Good blood sugar control can help in the effort to control and manage the Modifiable risks factors of hypertension.

6)   Salt and Hypertension

Salt and hypertension are not good combination. The salt we use in cooking is sodium chloride and has affinity to attract water to itself... which leads to extra burden on the human heart to pump extra volume of blood. With proper and adequately monitored dietary sodium reduction... you can lower blood     pressure  2  -  8 mm Hg...incredible isn't it...!

Reduce the amount of your salt consumption to reduce your elevated blood pressure. Aim for low sodium diet, avoid adding salt at the table while eating your meals.

Pay attention, and read food labels or Nutrition facts on the prepacked food items.


 People in certain occupations, like Police Officers, Air Traffic Controller at the airport... whose job are sometimes stressful.

Anyone with very unsatisfying job, that they complain about.... all the time, should seek help.... because, over a period of time, high blood pressure will gradually and steadily develop.

Discuss  and find lasting solution towards whatever occupational stress you may have.

 8)   Personality Trait

Some personality trait.... like strong personality.... easily provoked people (short fuse).. tend to develop high blood pressure as opposed to the more calmer and reserved individuals.

Learn some basic relaxation techniques and ameliorate your condition

9)    Coffee and blood pressure

Excessive use of caffeine and hypertension can be dangerous.... caffeine causes raised or elevated blood pressure by activating the sympathetic nervous system... particularly in those who are not regular coffee drinkers.

Coffee can also give an irregular and fast heart rate/beat... and / or palpitations in some non-regular coffee drinkers... I have personally seen this in my regular day job in the emergency department.

Moderate use of coffee, 2  -  3 cups per day, spread over several hours during the day, will generally not cause any problems. You may have to drink generous amount of water to flush the additional caffeine out of  your system.

 Non Modifiable Hypertension Risk Factors.

Non modifiable risk factors of hypertension, are the things you do not have any control over, or that you cannot change regarding high blood pressure.

4  Non-modifiable High Blood Pressure Risk Factors.

1)   Family History

Is hypertension genetic ?....  scientists has determined that, if either or both of your parents have high blood pressure, your risk of you developing  this medical condition increases. The kind of specific nutrition in families also has a role to play in this.

 2)    Ethnicity or Race

High blood pressure is more common in the black race all over the world... particularly in Africa.. according to World Health Organization. The reason for this is not very clear, and it has been suggested that, it may related to environmental stress and increased salt intake.

3)    AGE  :

Hypertension in the elderly is very common, your age is your age, as we all get older, our chances or risk of high blood pressure  increases.

4)    Gender

More men have hypertension at earlier age than women, and they have higher risk of developing complications than women, until the age of 60... in the developed nations.
After the age of 60, more women have hypertension than men. No clear reason has been established. It has been suggested that menopause may have a role in this.

In conclusion, the modifiable hypertension risk factors are easier said than done...but with a tenacity of purpose and determination... you can do it....even though we have no control over the non-modifiable risk factors of hypertension, there are so many things, we can do to prevent and control elevated blood pressure.

Every small step or action puts you in the right direction, to lower high blood pressure to within the medically  acceptable limits...