What are Larginine Benefits?

Larginine benefits are numerous. This protein building block, that exist naturally   in our systems has many health benefits, critical to our well being.

We will discuss the health benefits of L-arginine in relations to:

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Impotence
  • Burns
  • Bodybuilding
  • Claudication
  • Diabetes
  • Infertility
  • Protein Malnutrition
  • Pituitary disorder diagnosis

Larginine Benefits - Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction is a male disorder characterized by continuous and progressive inability for a man to get and maintain a penile erection firm enough for a sexual intercourse.

There are different reasons and causes for this disorder. This includes but not limited to:

  • Hypertension
  • Medications
  • Diabetes.... 
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Surgical complications
  • Mental or Psychological problems
  • Vascular disease and problems...

A great amount of money and efforts has been devoted to the L-arginine research.  It has resulted in better understanding of how this powerful natural supplement can help with optimizing our general wellbeing.

The l-arginine research goes on, but from what we know so far, health benefits of L-arginine supplement... has a far reaching positive impact on our circulatory, metabolic, mental and respiratory health.

 Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a polite term of saying IMPOTENCE....

Impotence or erectile dysfunction is different from Male Infertility... which is a related, but a different topic entirely.

 Arginine, Nitric Oxide, and Erectile Dysfunction Connection

 Arginine is a very important amino acid, which is necessary and important in the production on Nitric oxide (NO)...  NO  is  a neurotransmitter, that send signals to the nerve endings in penis... specifically in the corposa cavernosa to relax and fill up with blood... in a complex and intricate sequence... the penis becomes filled with blood and enlarges and stiffens ... leading to a firmer, and harder erection.

So, you can see, as highlighted above, how problems with nerves, chemicals, medications, mind, blood vessels and general health can affect and interfere with an erection.

It is very important for men, to investigate properly with their own physician, before embarking on expending energy, time, and money.... on how much, and how long before Larginine work for them.

Arginin can surely increase your virility, but, it is a personal, intimate, and personal journey...

Also keep in mind, the SPECIAL precautions and side effects below.....

In the British Journal of Urology October 2010....  titled

"Investigation of complex plant extract for mild to moderate erectile dysfunction in randomized, double-bind, placebo-controlled, parallel-arm study"   (-20184576-)

It was concluded that, "Prelox is effective for improving erectile dysfunction, and that this effect persists on continous therapy for up to 6 months. Moreover, there is some evidence, that, erectile function continues to improve the longer the therapy is used"

Prelox is a formulation, of the French maritime pine bark extract.... Pycnogenol and Larginine.

These two combination is known to pack a powerful and potent combination that:

  • Increase blood flow to vital organs
  • Protects endothelial functions... i.e., protects the inner lining of the blood vessels (endothelium) from damage.
  • Improves circulation because of vasodilation
  • Increases the production of Nitric oxide... inside the endothelium, and improves compliance improving blood supply to vital organs, including penis and female sexual organs... leading to improved libido, sexual arousal and function.

There are male and female sexual arousal cream / gel in the market, including, intimacy Larginine cream and gels, that can spice up your love life.

 Pycnogenol and Arginine

 Pycnogenol... a pine bark extract, which happens to be the Nitric Oxide enhancer... produced from arginine... improved the sexual function in men with ED

In a study published in the Journal of Sexual and Marital Therapy May - June 2003.... titled....

"Treatment of erectile dysfunction with Pycnogenol and Larginine" (-12851125-)

It was concluded that,  "" oral administration of L-arginine in combination with Pycnogenol causes significant improvement in sexual function in men with ED without any side effects""

 Larginine and Yohimbine

Larginine and Yohimbine has also been seen to help postmenopausal women.

In a research study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior August 2002... titled...

" The effects of Yohimbine plus L-arginine Glutamate on sexual arousal in post-menopausal women with sexual disorder"    (-12187545-)

It was concluded that,  "Subjective reports of sexual arousal were significantly increased with exposure to erotic stimuli, but did not differ significantly between treatment groups"

As you can see, there is arginin for women too... just discuss it with your own qualified, and licensed physician.

The dosage and dosing is unique and personal.... for Erectile Dysfunction...  Larginine 3  -  5 grams orally , per day,  for about six weeks.... when the improvement, usually start to show.....

Differences between Yohimbe and Yohimbine Hydrochloride...

So what are the differences between, Yohimbe, Yohimbine, and Yohimbine Hydrochloride..?

  • The Yohimbe tree grows in certain parts of African continent
  • The Yohimbe tree bark extract... known as Yohimbine, is generally used as dietary supplement
  • Yohimbine is sold under different names, and available as over the counter supplement.
  • Yohimbine Hydrochloride, is a prescription only medication, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the USA and other parts of the world.
  • Yohimbine Hydrochloride HAS TO BE USED, as it is strictly prescribed, for an individual specific need... it can only be prescribed by a qualified, and licensed physician.
  • Yohimbine and Yohimbine bark extract, with its other names are dietary supplements which, are mostly unregulated...

Traditionally, Yohimbine and Yohimbine bark extract and its derivatives has been used for...

  • Improved fat loss   (weight loss) particularly in combination with physical exercise
  • To improve the sexual desire or increase libido, in men and women, using different formulations
  • Erectile Dysfunction...(ED)
  • Increase performance by the athletes.... particularly the Weight lifters.

So, be very careful with these products...  do not use these medication without the consent and approval of your physician, who will ensure you get the generous health benefits these products can offer.

 Larginine Benefits - Burns

Arginin use for burns patients / client was found to be useful.

It improves the arterial blood flow and the healing process.

Application of the cream, near the wound improves the blood flow and relieve the pain around the wound edges.

Larginine Benefits and Body Building

It has been established that,  Arginin augments  and help with getting rid of extra body fat, when combined with regular exercise.

It will help in getting rid of adipose fat mass and reduce the waist circumference

It also increases and improves muscle function.

Research has shown Ornithine and arginine supplementation increased the growth hormone, after a well coordinated, intense, resistance exercises in well trained athletes...and may be used in the continuous bodybuilding exercises.

Ornithine is another form of amino acid, popular among the bodybuilding athletes.       

Larginine Benefits - Claudication

 The oral or topical application will improve the blood flow.

It can help with blood flow enhancement and intermittent claudication.

Diabetes and Arginine

 Arginine for diabetic maintenance and control.

In a research study published in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism... November 2006 ...  (-16772327-)   titled....

"Beneficial effects of long term oral l-arginine treatment added to a hypocaloric diet and exercise training program in obese, insulin-resistant type 2 diabetic patients."

The conclusion was, ""larginine with diet, and exercise program in obese,             insulin-resistant type 2 diabetic patient... improved the endothelial function, and oxidative stress""

Diabetics can supplement their diet with arginin, with the approval of their physician... it will help in regulation of the blood sugar, and also reduces your chances of developing diabetic complications.

 L-arginine Supplement and Male Infertility

L-arginine supplement helps and improves sexual performance, and also male infertility

Published in the "Minerva Urology---  Italian Journal of Urology and Nephrology...  December 1994....    (-7701414-)        titled ...

"L-arginine and Male Infertility"

The conclusion was   ""L-arginine HCL showed to be able to improve the motility of the spermatozoa without any side effects.""

Good news for men.... who suffer from infertility, men can add this natural supplement, to their dietary intake to improve their chances of becoming a new dad.

Also published in the Human Reproduction-- Oxford, England in July 1999... (-10402369-)    titled...

"Adjuvant L-arginine treatment for in-vitro fertilization in poor responder patients"

Conclusion...  ""Oral L-arginine supplementation is poor responder patients may improve ovarian response, endometrial receptivity and pregnancy rate.""

Good news for ladies with infertility....

Doctors also use, Arginin supplementation for patients with:

  • Protein Malnutrition
  • Diagnosing  Pituitary disorders
  • Some people also use arginine to treat their hair loss

Larginine Benefits in Pregnancy

Arginine granules or Larginine and proanthocyanidin granules... few health care providers use these medication or its combination in certain parts of the world....  But keep in mind, not much of any larginine research has been done specifically in this area... particularly in pregnancy.

Be very careful with arginine granules and  any supplements, you use, before, during and after your pregnancy to avoid, putting your pregnancy, fetus (baby) ...  and your health at risk.

 Larginine Side Effects                  

 Side effects of larginine is not very common, particularly when the appropriate dosage for specific ailments is taken and there is no other unplanned interactions. Documented side effects includes....

  • Diarrhea
  • Gout
  • Low blood pressure / hypotension
  • Bloating
  • Abdominal  pain
  • Itching
  • Body rash
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Worsening of Asthmatic condition.....   this is severe.... seek immediate attention.....

Larginine Benefits - The Special Precautions.

  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, unless approved by your physician
  • If take Phosphodiesterase -5 Inhibitors (PDE-5 Inhibitors)....  in plain English, these are medications used for erectile dysfunction (ED) .... these includes    TADALAFIL ...otherwise known as  Cialis or Adcirca, //    SILDENAFIL ..otherwise known as Viagra or Revatio //     VERDENAFIL otherwise known as ... Levitra or Staxyn...  the interaction between these medications  and arginin can cause dilation of our arteries and / or hypotension which can be dangerous... talk to your doctor
  • Do not take, if you normally take Nitrates ... such as Nitrodur, Nitroglycerin tablet or spray, Isordil etc.
  • Use cautiously if you are diabetic or take medication for diabetes, because, it can further lower your blood sugar... which can be dangerous.
  • Use cautiously, if you have sickle cell anemia, chronic headaches, claudication, herpes virus, cancer, asthma
  • Please discuss with your physician, if you have kidney problems, because, this supplement helps with urea metabolism... to get rid and excrete toxic ammonia safely from our bodies.
  • Do not use if you have HYPOTENSION.....!!!
  • Discuss the use with your doctor, if take any blood pressure medications... it may further lower your blood pressure to unsafe levels.
  • If you have had heart attack before.... get approval from your physician before using it.

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