Preeclampsia Pregnancy Book

Preeclampsia Pregnancy Book is a comprehensive guide on Preeclampsia, HELLP Syndrome, Eclampsia and other Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy. All the facts are presented in easy to understand ways, helping to further increase your knowledge and understanding of these complex and sometimes confusing medical conditions.

The unfortunate and inconvenient truth is that, preeclampsia is relatively common, and is responsible for death of many precious pregnant women around the world.

The positive and good news is that there are many things with concrete and saving steps that can be done to reduce and manage the risks for both the mother and loved ones, resulting in a positive health outcome.

Preeclampsia can be mysterious, in the way it manifests, and the fact that it can be very dangerous and deadly to the health, and well-being of the pregnant woman and the fetus! Read more here

Do You know ...

  1. Why there is NO mild preeclampsia? …
  2. That there is NO CURE for preeclampsia, at least for now, despite all what you have read for years on the internet. The explanation is easy and may even surprise you. You will easily understand the logic behind it…
  3. Every day should be Preeclampsia Awareness Day and every month should be Preeclampsia Awareness Month? Happy preeclampsia month 2017.
  4. The 6 important reasons Why Preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome survivors, should not blame themselves...
  5. The delivery of the baby, umbilical cord and placenta is not the cure for preeclampsia...
  6. How different Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy relate to each other?

These and other factual explanations are given in this new, up to date and exciting book about these deadly diseases causing major havoc around the world.

Preeclampsia pregnancy book discusses prevention strategies, which entails personal vigilance and keen awareness, with prompt report of the symptoms... improves the health outcomes for the pregnant lady and the baby.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) “Preeclampsia stands out among the hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, for its impact on maternal and neonatal health. It is one of the leading causes of maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity worldwide".

Just knowing and being aware of the different risk factors, signs and symptoms, and how they relate to you and your loved ones, and how you can protect yourself or loved ones can make a major difference between life and death.

  • All the intricate details about all the Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy are discussed, with over 35 pictures and intriguing illustrations
  • You will be surprised at how much you can do for yourself, and your loved ones
  • Also read the Table of Contents of this book to see other essential topics covered. Full details here
  • Being mindful, self-aware, of all the risk factors and the natural remedies and ways to protect yourself, plus all the essential pregnancy care tips, are discussed in this book
  • Also learn more about the latest major research project “New Ways to Monitor Pregnancy Health in Real Time”