What are Pregnancy Foods To Avoid?

Pregnancy foods to avoid are groups of food items, to stay away from, when you are pregnant.

These food items are either known to be of little or NO value to you, during the     pregnancy or has been determined to be dangerous or potentially harmful to your health and the growing baby.

List of FISH  and other Pregnancy Foods to Avoid

Eating fish is good, but some has high levels of MERCURY in their system, which  is harmful to the growing fetus.  This includes....

  • Shark
  • Swordfish
  • Tilefish
  • King Mackerel
  • Marlin

 Mercury is very dangerous to the growing fetus brain development.

Another fish to avoid when pregnant is, raw fish like SUSHI,  if possible, it may have some bacteria.

Also avoid raw or undercooked shellfish like clams and oysters

Keep in mind, some fish are good and safe to eat during pregnancy like tilapia...

 List of other Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy


Only eat or drink milk or dairy products... that are pasteurized.... i.e... these are food items, which are partially sterilized, killing all the harmful microorganisms, but keeping most of the valuable nutrients of the food.

  •  Avoid unpasteurized soft cheeses like feta or Brie
  •  Unpasteurized milk..... even sheep or goat milk...
  •  Blue vein  cheese
  •  One food to avoid when pregnant is Pate...(Pate is a French word, that means "paste"...very rich and tasty, can have wide ranging contents...) it may contain a mixture of ground meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and other contents.... and because of the uncertainty in the contents of this mixture and the effects on the growing fetus, which may not suitable for a pregnant lady.

Another List of Pregnancy Foods to Avoid

  • Do not eat any meat, hot dog, deli / luncheon meat, sausage or poultry, that has not been fully cooked, because of the risk of Listeria
  • Avoid ice creams made with raw or uncooked eggs particularly, the homemade ones. Cook eggs to ensure the yolk is fully cooked to avoid Salmonella poisoning.
  • Heartburn during pregnancy is common, but , foods with high acidic contents like orange and citrus fruit juices and tomato juice can give you more pain and discomfort.
  • To avoid heartburn, avoid spicy foods like, some hot Mexican salsa, Kung pao chicken and hot tomato sauce.
  • Read food labels to ensure, you are not allergic to the food items in the container.
  • Please do not eat any food or items you know, you are allergic or sensitive to...thinking pregnancy may change the situation... I heard about a situation in a local hospital recently, in which two separate pregnant women ate something...they knew, they are allergic to...but they had some cravings for these food items... and ate them...please do not expose yourself and your baby in the womb to risky situations... Both recovered after proper treatments....
  • Avoid lightly cooked eggs like Cesar Vinaigrette
  • Another food to avoid during pregnancy is Alfalfa sprouts and mung beans. Ensure all sprouts are fully cooked to prevent Salmonella or E. coli food borne problems.

 Watch the amount of Prenatal Vitamins you take. High doses of Vitamin A, can be harmful to your unborn baby... check with your qualified healthcare provider

If you are not allergic to honey or nuts, you can eat them during pregnancy, but if you are suspicious or nervous about eating them during conception, then ... avoid them.

If you eat honey, ensure that they are pasteurized... Please, do not give honey to children under the age of 2 (two)

Another product or food to avoid while pregnant is herbal tea or herbal remedies. Calling some product(s) ... "natural remedies" does not necessarily mean, that, they are safe or has been clinically assessed to ascertain their efficacy during conception. Check with your pregnancy doctor for approval of any herbal or over-the-counter products before using them.

Pregnancy foods to avoid can also vary from one region to the other, or country to country. Use the services of your qualified health providers to ascertain what food items are safe in your local area.

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