Pregnancy Pain and Discomforts

Pregnancy pain and discomforts are unique feelings and experiences common to pregnancies. As long as these discomforts are under control, most of it is expected during this unique journey into motherhood.

The 14 Common Pregnancy Pain and discomforts discussed in this book are just few of many inconveniences pregnant women go through. Some of the discomforts can be handled on your own using your own unique experiences, natural remedies, and alternative therapies.

Some of it will require the help of your health care provider. Discuss your pain and discomforts with your physician. Try as much as possible to not self-administer any over the counter medication without letting your doctor or midwife know.

Pregnancy Weight Gain: How much is Too Much?

Pregnancy weight gain is a very important and sensitive subject because of its effect on the pregnant woman and the fetus.

Work with your care providers on a sensible way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight throughout your conception. Follow their advice, professional health information, and healthy pregnancy care tips.

Excessive weight is dangerous to your health and the unborn child(ren), but it is also very difficult to lose after delivery.

Pregnancy Exercises and Fitness

Pregnancy exercises and fitness refers to all the activities safe and suitable for a pregnant lady.

If you have been active pre pregnancy, there is no reason not to remain active. Please discuss with your doctor, midwife, and care givers about what kind of exercise is safe for you.
Health, fitness, and dieting go hand in hand unless there is a specific situation, medical

Prenatal Yoga

Yoga is an ancient, as well as modern, spiritual science. It uses the effects of breath control, specific poses or postures, and simple meditation among others, to facilitate healthy living and well-being. It essentially aligns the body, mind, and spirit.

Kegel Exercises for Women: Stop Urinary Incontinence before it Starts!

Urinary incontinence is common in both men and women, but a lot more women suffer from this condition. Kegel exercises for women is a practice of contracting and relaxing, some specific pelvic floor muscles and ligaments to prevent several unwanted medical conditions, in which urinary incontinence is one of them.

Types of Incontinence (Why Am I Leaking Urine?)

The reason you are leaking urine may be related to its actual cause or type. These include:

Stress Incontinence

This occurs when you leak urine, without your control (involuntary), when you cough, sneeze, laugh, or play sport. Stress incontinence, may start after pregnancy and child birth, menopause etc. These life situations may have caused weakening in your pelvic floor muscles and structures. Urinary incontinence exercise for women can help you correct this and regain back your urinary bladder control. Read full details here

Pregnancy and Sleep

Proper sleep is a necessity, whether we are pregnant or not. It is more important because your body is nourishing, growing, and protecting your unborn child, 24 hours a day. Hence, your body needs time to rest and rejuvenate. Turn your pregnancy stress to pregnancy strength... Read more here